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Introduction to iron oxide pigment

The application range and dosage of titanium dioxide in inorganic pigments are the first, and the second inorganic pigments should be iron oxide series pigments. The pigments are many colors, the chromatogram is wide, the hiding power is high, the tinting strength is strong, and the main color is red. Three kinds of yellow, black and black, through the blending can also get orange, brown, green and other series of chromatographic composite pigments. Iron oxide pigments have good light resistance, weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and solvent resistance, and are non-toxic. They are widely used in building materials, coatings, inks, plastics, ceramics, paper, glass products, magnetic recording materials, etc. In the industry.

Performance of iron oxide series pigments:

1. Acid and alkali resistance: It is very stable for any concentration of alkalis and other kinds of alkaline substances, especially cement, lime mortar, etc. commonly used in construction, and does not cause chalking on cement building components, nor Affect its strength. It has certain resistance to general weak acids and dilute acids, but it can also be gradually dissolved in strong acids, especially in warm and concentrated conditions.

2, heat resistance: the color is unchanged under strong sunlight exposure, the color of the exterior wall paint is iron oxide series. Due to structural limitations, it is stable within a certain temperature limit. The color limit begins to change beyond its temperature limit. As the temperature increases, the degree of change becomes more and more significant. The iron oxide yellow gradually changes to a red phase when it exceeds 130 °C. The iron oxide red is gradually changed to deep red when it exceeds 300 °C, and the iron oxide purple gradually changes to dark red when it exceeds 400 °C. The iron oxide black gradually changes to dark red when it exceeds 100 °C, and the iron oxide brown gradually changes to red phase and iron oxide when it exceeds 130 °C. Green is more than 200 ° C and gradually changes to dark red. This is only the temperature limit of ordinary iron oxide pigments. At present, many companies have better performance products.

3, weather resistance: atmospheric cold, dry and wet weather conditions have very little impact on the pigment, because of the good weather resistance, outdoor applications are also very much.

4. Other properties: It is very stable in any dirty gas, such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon oxide, sulfur oxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen oxide and other gases. It is insoluble in water, various mineral oils, vegetable oils and ethers, esters, ketones, etc., and other organic solvents, and has no penetration.
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