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The company adheres to the people-oriented principle, regards respecting people, understanding people, caring people, rational users and improving the overall quality of employees as the primary task of running a good business. Adhering to the market-oriented, honesty-based, customer-oriented, righteousness and interests The purpose of the service; adhere to the rule of law, rule the factory with morality, use morality as a soul, culture people, enhance corporate taste, and ensure the healthy and steady development of the company. Adhere to innovation and development, rely on concept innovation to enhance corporate cohesion, rely on institutional innovation to enhance enterprise vitality, rely on mechanism innovation to build a flexible and changeable business structure, rely on management innovation to integrate with the international market, rely on technological innovation to improve product competitiveness, and strive to build a world Business brand!

02  Honest and pragmatic

Corporate values:
Words must be done, ethics and people, people are good, people are the foundation
Corporate purposes:
Not good for one day, only for the hundred days red
Enterprise spirit:
Integrity and pragmatic, continuous innovation and development spirit
Enterprise's goal:
Create value, give back to the society, produce excellent color materials, and create a colorful world
Business philosophy:
The goods are genuine, the first thing to do, the character is the character
Service philosophy:
Attentive service, the world of friends
Distribution concept:
Work together to achieve a win-win situation